Georgia Byler

Date of Award


First Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Second Advisor

Peter Filkins


“Worm in the Apple” is a collection of seven thematically linked short stories. When I began writing this collection, I set out to explore how different perspectives determine what is visible and what remains hidden in inter-personal relationships. Specifically, I was interested in child narrative, and children’s view of their parents. I delved into this question of children’s minds, and started developing a new technique in my writing. I became more devoted to withholding information from readers as a device to put them in the shoes of a character, whether the character is an adult or a child. Thematically, I aimed to deal with issues of family tensions, secrets, and home. The motivations for my thesis and the goals I want to accomplish have remained the same throughout the process of writing this collection, whether or not I have reached those goals.

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