Date of Award


First Advisor

Chris Coggins

Second Advisor

Rebecca Fiske

Third Advisor

Monshin Paul Naamon


This thesis examines the notion of a spiritual practice and the way in which it allows people to understand and practice, thus bringing a notion of the sacred into their daily lives. This body of work combines written pieces from the author commented on by five (5) expert interlocutors. The dialogic chapters of this thesis explore the different ways in which people understand the sacred, as well as the kinds of practices that stem from these understandings. This thesis confronts difficult questions regarding spirituality, faith and practices, as well as the very nature of our understanding of notions such as Truth. By displaying the thoughts of six (6) different thinkers in a dialogic format, this thesis is able to allow for the complexity of these issues to exist while still attempting to gain some understanding of them. Among the respondents, Dr. Rebecca Fiske will discuss the art of literary analysis; Dr. Chris Coggins will discuss aspects of human spatial behavior and spatial fantasy involving the body, movement, and flight; Rev. Monshin Paul Naamon will discuss the ascetic training undergone by Tendai monks; Dr. Michael Rosen will discuss reading and analyzing the Torah, and Rev. Sun Kang, D.Div will discuss notions of predetermination and how they affect worship practice.

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