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Rebecca Fiske

Second Advisor

Asma Abbas


The investigation and meditation on the concepts of both classical philosophy and postmodern theory can lead to the development of actionable praxis, IE philosophically informed action that aims at the long term productive survival of man. Using notions like Plato's universals, semiotic theory and concepts of 'being' from Heidegger, this project aims to give the reader insight into the practical application of 'high theory.' This self assigned task permeates the very form of the project, as the project is primary composed of pieces intended to be bound and given freely as volumes to live in their own right.

This is a project in four parts and two movements; the first movement is composed of two pamphlets which outline a call to synthesizing philosophy into action as a methodology of radically rethinking how we participate in discourse and material life. The second pamphlet is the method of this methodology, drawing from Plato, Phenomenology, Critical Theory and Historical Materialism, which illuminates by what parameters we are afforded material insight to that which facilitated what I decal ire the "non-universal universal of the long term productive survival of man." The second movement is the enacting of this philosophy. To this end I have written two more volumes, much more centered on the reader than the author. The third part of this piece, and the first part of its second movement, is a 'Pocket Encyclopedia of Modern Political Ideologies' that serves as both a partial ontology of my own work as well a reference guide that can be kept and referred to as time demands. The final part of this project, the climax one might say, is meta-narrative 'choose your own adventure' novel Dasein based on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger and his turn toward fascism, as well as other issues of action, choice and will. This project only lives as its volumes do in your hands. Its philosophy is only as relevant as you make the effort to synthesis it, or indeed, if you find it useful at all.


Ask at the Alumni Library Circulation Desk for the companion piece, which is in the Artist Book Collection (#32).

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