Date of Award


First Advisor

Asma Abbas

Second Advisor

Katie Boswell


The intent of my thesis is to look into the history, theory, and the nature of technology. As I left Simon's Rock to study engineering, the purpose of this project was to use my thesis to explore the concept of technology and build towards a more nuanced understanding of the role technology plays in our society and in our thought. To form the basis of this inquiry, this thesis begins by charting a historical and philosophical course through several important moments in the development of technology, and in particular the thought surrounding it. Aristotle, the Encyclopedists of the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, Karl Marx, and Martin Heidegger are all examined to provide the insight and context for this discussion. Lastly, the ideology of transhumanism is examined highlight a trend and a set of ideas commonplace in contemporary discourse about technology. The conclusions of this thesis then attempts to coalesce the prior thinkers and moments in order to problematize and contextualize some aspects of contemporary understanding and thinking about technology, its uses, and its place in society.

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