Kinley Wangmo

Date of Award


First Advisor

Lawrence Burke

Second Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer


In this thesis I explore the Bhutanese film industry and its practices as opening a pathway to my becoming a filmmaker in Bhutan in the future. The Bhutanese film industry is still in its early stages and a very fast growing medium. I also discuss the discoveries I made during the course of a thesis-related visit to Bhutan, while addressing the Bhutanese education system and its relation to the development of films. The second part of this thesis consists of a short documentary film, which includes the interviews of two directors in Bhutan, scenes from some Bhutanese movies, some images of me, and a small section on Alfred Hitchcock and Bollywood movies that I see as relevant to this thesis. It also includes some clips from the short movies I made on campus, and a brief investigation of the pros and cons as a future filmmaker in Bhutan.

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