Date of Award


First Advisor

Robert Schmidt

Second Advisor

Donald Roeder

Third Advisor

Timothy Geller


Brownfield sites are contaminated properties that are unable to be redeveloped because of the pollutants present. These sites are often in prime economic locations such as town centers, waterfronts and close to important businesses. The redevelopment of these properties requires that that the pollutants be first handled to eliminate the health risks. This process is complicated by issues of liability, funding and a lack of congruent policies between the various branches of government. Recent changes in perceptions by both the government and community has driven legislature that promotes the remediation of these sites. Groups such as Community Development Corporations are taking on these properties because of the economic and social benefits their redevelopment stimulates. This thesis explores the progress that has been made to incentivize the redevelopment of brownfields and the issues that still remain. I will use the case of the New England Log Homes site in Great Barrington, MA to illustrate how these changes and issues impact a real brownfields site.

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