Date of Award


First Advisor

Karen Beaumont

Second Advisor

Aimee Michel

Third Advisor

Jennifer Browdy


This written component of my thesis outlines my process of putting on a production of Word Vomit, an original play. Included are both a preliminary and a final draft of the script, in addition to journals written throughout the rehearsal process alongside general commentary on the process. This document also details some of my most potent encounters studying abroad last year, specifically living in Jerusalem, and narrates why those experiences led me to the theatre, as well as how the concepts I was struggling with there ultimately influenced the content of Word Vomit. I discuss engagements with multiple and contradicting truths, and aim to introduce the idea that the historical relationship between Arabs and Jews is, in many ways, similar to the relationships that exist within a family structure. Hopefully, reading this thesis will articulate, both linguistically and artistically, a gradual blurring of the line between personal and political, public and private, in search of universality.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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