Date of Award


First Advisor

Jamie Hutchinson

Second Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Third Advisor

Rebecca Fiske


My thesis explores how I view and respond to the world around me. With so much to see and experience, it can be difficult to notice and decipher it. I proposed this thesis because I was engaged by the physical images I saw and came to realize that images have often played a key role in my writing, allowing me to express my perceptions, ideas, and feelings in concrete ways. I have found, in fact, that writing, while never a completely accurate method of expression, is my tool for translating the private world of my experience so as to make it accessible to others. I believe that in order to understand and communicate how we think or feel about what we see, we must put it into words. Writing allows us to enter more deeply into our perceptions, both inner and outer, and not simply accept them at face value. The writing contained in my thesis consists of pieces of fiction and nonfiction, all of which reflect my efforts to use images as a way to construct meaning out of my experience of the world.

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