Holly Chayes

Date of Award


First Advisor

Aimee Michel

Second Advisor

George Veale VI

Third Advisor

Joan DelPlato


This thesis is about my process as a theatrical costume designer. It examines the beginning stages of choosing the play, how and why I decided to design the same show in three time periods, the textual analysis, and my decision to focus on subcultures and their interactions with the mainstream. I discuss subcultures in general, then focus on each period and subculture specifically. I look at how each subculture influenced my design process, first by talking through the reference photos that inspired me, then my sketches, and finally the process of pulling together the designs for my show. I talk about the creation of the script, and the process of working with the actors to create a performance and an exhibit. Finally, I reflect on how clothing is a visual representation of an individual's identity. This thesis is a record of an exploration of design and identity, and subcultures, and of what it means to be the odd one out, the one that doesn't fit.

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