Katie Ansel

Date of Award


First Advisor

Susan Mechanic-Myers

Second Advisor

Paul Naamon


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) affects approximately 1.7 million Americans every year. TBI has a very poor survival rate. This thesis is an analysis of rehabilitation techniques for TBI to try to distinguish why mortality and functional outcome are not ideal despite the wide variety of treatment services available. Based on a literature review, this thesis examines rehabilitation options currently offered in the United States including developing techniques. There are rehabilitation options available for each person with their distinctive injury. Interviews were also conducted with specialists in TBI treatment to identify advantages and disadvantages of these rehabilitation services, and to evaluate the influence of insurance coverage on treatment and outcome. Questionnaires were sent to representatives of 150 insurance companies about their criteria for approving treatment. A significant disagreement was found. Although the representatives of insurance companies reported support for interventions, specialists consistently reported insurance related interferences in support and treatments. This research indicates that insurance companies are limiting patients of their full potential by ending their rehabilitation before they have reach their full potential in their recovery.

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