Date of Award


First Advisor

John Myers

Second Advisor

Larry Wallach


This thesis is a chronicle of the creation of a musical recording. The product of the thesis is a recording of four original jazz-fusion inspired compositions, and the manuscript accompanying it describes the process I went through to write, record, and produce the songs. It is broken up into six sections. The first is Genre Study, where I discuss the songs, conversations, and literature that inspired me before and during the creation process. The second is Composition, a recounting of how each of the four songs were originally written and arranged. The third is Organization and Production, which discusses the details of recruiting the musicians, scheduling rehearsals and recording sessions, reserving space and transportation, and managing the project. The fourth is Recording, in which all the technical equipment, recording techniques, and stories behind the recording sessions of each of the songs are recounted. The fifth is Post-Production, wherein I discuss the editing, mixing, and mastering of the recorded material that was used to turn them into the completed product. The final section is Improvisation Analysis, which contains holistic analyses of the improvised solos within the songs. Said more succinctly, this thesis documents my first large step into the professional world of contemporary music.

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