Date of Award


First Advisor

Aimee Michel

Second Advisor

Karen Beaumont

Third Advisor

Wendy Shifrin


This written component of my senior thesis chronicles my writing, directing, and producing of an original play. It begins with a copy of the final draft of The Difference so that the reader may familiarize him or her self with the project, discusses the earliest days of the writing process, the efforts of which yielded the first draft (a copy of which is included for comparison and reference), tracks the editing process so that the reader may understand how the script took its current form, describes the triumphs and trials of the directing process so the reader may gain insight into how the production as a whole took shape, and recounts the production and reception of the performances of the play. While the realization of the play was the primary objective of my thesis, this document is intended to offer insight into how the project as a whole evolved over time and what effect that evolution had on my perception of the project and my medium.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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