Date of Award


First Advisor

Gigi Teeley

Second Advisor

Laurence Wallach

Third Advisor

Brendan Matthews


What must it be like, being able to do ridiculously dangerous things on a whim? What would it be like to grow up, entitled to be one of a privileged few with powers, told since you were young that only you could save them all? Would it instill you with pride, or perhaps with disdain for those of a weaker class than you, unable to protect themselves? Would you feel entitled to all they had in return for saving them? Would it break down into a mercenary system, saving someone‘s life in return for their life‘s savings? These are the questions I set out to answer through my musical. I accept fully that the answers may not have been made clear to everyone, or even myself. The opening of doors and possibilities and getting people to laugh, and maybe to talk about it, was my true goal and I believe I accomplished that entirely.


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