Asher Kite

Date of Award


First Advisor

Colette van Kerckvoorde

Second Advisor

Monk Schane-Lydon


This is the documentation of the construction of a sustainable travel website dubbed Traversing Scandinavia by the author. Traversing Scandinavia is intended to help study abroad students in Copenhagen construct travel plans that do not involve flying, as aviation is one of the most emissive methods of transportation. The website contains ten destination profiles describing notable cities and islands accessible by bus, train, and ferry from Copenhagen. In Summer 2023, Traversing Scandinavia will be offered to the study abroad program DIS. The documentation of this project is split into three sections: • Part 1: Background information, including context about the study abroad program DIS, the climate crisis, the emission levels of different means of transportation, and the webtools utilized in the development of the project. • Part 2: The ten destination profiles that appear on Traversing Scandinavia. In alphabetical order: Aarhus, Ærø, Bornholm, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Helsingør, Odense, Oslo, Skagen, and Stockholm. • Part 3: Process notes, including a discussion of the roadblocks met during the construction of the website, descriptions of several destinations to be profiled in the future, and an approximation of the emissions function one of the utilized webtools.

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