DeVaune Mack

Date of Award


First Advisor

Mike Bergman

Second Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer


The divide between those within the field of physics and those outside the field appears to be growing. Yet, topics and questions related to quantum mechanics—perhaps due to its seemingly magic-like properties—are growing in popularity. Not too surpingly, thus, many misconceptions have taken root. Most of these misconceptions have been caused by a lack of background knowledge and proper physics training, but, of course, some have been caused by poor (or needlessly convoluted) word choice on the part of the physicists themselves. In this thesis I seek to explain the foundations of quantum mechanics as well as its history in a less convoluted and hopefully more intuitive way. Using simple examples and analogies (such as doughnuts, which we all love), as well as easy to follow language, the goal is to provide imagery to not only inform those who have no prior (proper) experience with the field of physics, but hopefully, for those who have been entrenched in the field for a long time now, to provide new ways of thinking—or rethnking—about quantum mechanics.

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