Elise Kelly

Date of Award


First Advisor

Mileta Roe

Second Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Third Advisor

Peter Filkins


In an attempt to reconcile the identity of the translator with that of the original author, this thesis explores the complex relationship between a contemporary feminist translator and a brilliant, albeit misogynistic, short story author in two parts. Juan José Arreola was an eccentric figure of Mexican literature, achieving his publication heyday in the 1950–60s. His collection, Confabulario, never took off in the English-speaking world, so I hope to reintroduce him into our canon with Conspiracy, my original translation of ten of his stories and one introduction. The second half of the thesis, Confabulation, consists of four original short stories inspired by Arreola’s own. These stories tackle the treatment of women in Conspiracy with a process modeled after Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber.

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