Date of Award


First Advisor

Mike Bergman

Second Advisor

Jesse Robbins


Over the course of this thesis, the reader is brought up to speed with the current understanding of quantum physics, as well as shown some theoretical and experimental developments done as part of research work. Chapter 1 explains the fundamental concepts of quantum physics, both mathematically and physically, as well as the historical developments that led to it and those that follow. Chapter 2 provides insight into original research done, building on previous work, in order to describe the complex quantum system of a chemical reaction under a magnetic field and to mathematically solve it in order to produce accurate results that can be confirmed by the proposed experiments. Chapter 3 goes over an experiment conducted by the author in order to ascertain the quantum properties of entanglement as well as the steps needed to reproduce the experiment. A quantum eraser was successfully built and run to test the properties of entanglement and superposition. A delayed-choice version of the experiment is proposed but could not be successfully run. An appendix follows providing the author’s thoughts on certain aspects of the research industry in its current form.

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