Tate Coleman

Date of Award


First Advisor

Amanda Landi

Second Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer

Third Advisor

Anuja Koirala


Inadequate public transportation has been a persistent issue in Berkshire County. As a rural area, limited public transportation services are provided, although for so many these services are considered a ‘lifeline’. The present study investigates the feasibility of a shared-ride, on-demand microtransit service pilot program for Berkshire County, MA through a public input survey (N = 2,232), a review of best practices through field research of existing microtransit systems, a cost-benefit analysis of potential zones, and vehicle- and passenger- demand modeling. The study concludes by recommending a oneyear pilot microtransit service in South Berkshire County. Community partnerships and funding sources for microtransit are also explored.

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