Caleb Dang

Date of Award


First Advisor

Michael Bergman

Second Advisor

John Myers


The announcement of Saucony’s sustainable Jazz Court RFG shoe broke new ground for the running shoe brand and others alike. To accompany the shoe, Saucony produced a shippable and sustainable shoebox made of recycled cardboard. However, the box proved to be largely incompatible with Saucony’s distribution center, stifling the scalability of the box and any product packaged within it. Excess waste from the adhesive strips used to seal the box and difficulties handling the box limited its widespread adoption and potential environmental benefits. This thesis documents the process of addressing these shortcomings through the development of a novel shoebox design. Engineering design strategies and iterative prototyping led to the development of over 70 variations of 15 unique designs. Through extensive research and need assessment, a single design was selected to best represent the needs of each stakeholder without diminishing the environmental returns of the original box. Supporting evidence for each design decision is included, alongside proposed methods of closure, production, and expansion to other products of Saucony or parent company Wolverine Worldwide.

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