Date of Award


First Advisor

Em Rooney

Second Advisor

Chris Coggins


the core of this project is based on my belief that i am the same physically as i am digitally, explored through images, videos, poetry, and theoretical writing. in parts i feel like i am at a crossroads and incredibly lost thinking about the internet. before i look into myself, i start with my mind, where i imagine the internet first as some sort of abstract emotional machine. i tell this machine every single detail about my life, at times treating it like a close friend. however, when i confide my data and my feelings, it uses those things against me, as the machine is run by advertising companies, surveillance, and an endless amount of individual data, and i can’t turn that part off. however on the other side of this is a deeper side of emotional availability, love, and desire. this love can be based inside surveillance and still thrive in its own ways. there are a million different ways to walk around the internet, and in this project i explain in depth the certain spaces of the internet in which i walk around with my heart. each chapter also includes endnotes which bring direct textual application of theoretical concepts or constructs.

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