Ali Levinson

Date of Award


First Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer

Second Advisor

Jane Wanninger


This project explores the relationship between selfhood, age, education, and time through a series of personal essays and reflections (‘confessions’). The writing is based on the assumption that each of us--in defining our selfhood--use our personal and interpersonal connections with others, with family, friends and peers, and teachers, to know ourselves and to reflect critically on our experiences. I also explore in this writing how the educational norms and practices I have experienced have shaped (and unshaped) my developmental pathways, including the tendency to take a nostalgic lens and the somewhat relentless engagement in self-critical thinking and practices. The essays conclude with my advocacy for greater integration of personal reflection and critical inclusion of non-academic experiences into the classroom and into our understandings and pedagogies of teaching and learning.

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