Anna Loretan

Date of Award


First Advisor

Dien Vo

Second Advisor

Jane Wanninger


The following work is an account of the process that I and many others undertook in the creation of the short film Up In Smoke, which can be viewed on an accompanying flash drive, or by searching “Anna Loretan Up In Smoke” on vimeo. Chapter one, “Writing”, contains the screenplay and my reflections while creating it, underlining my process and inspirations. Chapter two outlines the timeline of preproduction: assembling crew and cast, creating scene breakdowns, and my requests for funding. Chapter three, “Production”, includes reflections on each day of shooting and an example of a shot list and shooting schedule. Finally, chapter four outlines the process of editing the drafts and final product of the film, and a reflection on what comes next. In August of 2020, our senior class was given the assignment of looking up other theses in our academic field. I found that very few thesis films had been produced at Simon’s Rock, and fewer still included detailed documentation on their inception and process. I’ve sought to present a fairly comprehensive account of what went into making this film, in the hope that it might be a helpful, or at least fun, resource to students after me pursuing similar projects. I’m unpacking my experiences as an artistic reflection and also as an example of what this process can look like, including where I was successful, where I struggled, and what I’ve taken with me as I go forward making films.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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