Here is Home

Date of Award


First Advisor

Daniel Karp

Second Advisor

Chris Coggins


“Here is Home” is an interdisciplinary study of photography, history and environmentalism. The project explores eight sites that are local to the Bard College at Simon’s Rock Campus and provides historical context for them. The project contains two portions, a study of photography and a study of history. This text is an archive of the complementary study to the photographs. This thesis was written and intended as a blog, which can be found at hereishomeproject.com The eight sites that are relevant to this project are; Monument Mills, Crane Paper Mill, The Sheffield Covered Bridge, MASS MoCA, Monument Mountain, The Red Lion Inn, Mount Race, and Mount Everett. All of these sites are within Berkshire County. This project touches on themes of selfexploration, as well as a documentary photography study of Berkshire County’s present and ongoing transition to a resort and tourist economy. Starting with Monument Mills and Berkshire County’s industrial past, the project explores every era of life in the Berkshires. The photographs included with this text function to document the present era, as well.

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