Date of Award


First Advisor

Daniel Karp

Second Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer


In this thesis, I explore the various ways one can understand themself, and the ways in which I express myself through art, primarily photography. By creating a series of photographic images in tandem to a set of poetic prose called “musings,” I explore how I have used these approaches to express and examine my experiences and my perception of both them and the world. In essence, I hope that this project captures that feeling one gets during an all-nighter -- the one that happens around 3:00 or 4:00 AM, when the world is paused and everything is asleep, it seems, except you -- and you’re in limbo. Maybe you’ll see someone else, but you won’t say hi. You’re just two ghosts passing in the night. Implications of this work are briefly noted, particularly the ways in which photography could be as beneficial a therapeutic tool.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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