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In this work I aim to give an overview of the main historical events which have shaped Moldovan historiography and affect present day identity building for its citizens. I discuss the importance of language within the crafting of two main ethno-cultural ideologies that impact not only the socio-political space but also the individual person. I go on to trace how the political elites use the ideological conflict to advance their own interests to the detriment of societal interests, and the social implications and pitfalls of adhering to one or the other extremist ideology. I argue for an intermediary position, an acknowledgement of different past attempts at crafting a certain linguistic and cultural identity in Moldova, and the need for a more inclusive and hybridized standard. For this purpose, I employ various data sources. These are various historical academic works, secondary quantitative data, census data, aspects of popular culture, my own experiences through snippets of autoethnography, and analysis of YouTube comments for videos relevant to the topic. The methodology used in employing these sources are content analysis, utilization of qualitative and quantitative sources and ethnography.

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