Carla Hamida

Date of Award


First Advisor

Amanda Landi

Second Advisor

Daniel Neilson

Third Advisor

Jan Hutchinson


Designing a Solid Waste Management (SWM) system involves building a logistic network structure that considers the distance and time it takes waste to be moved from housing areas to the location of landfills. Each SWM model has different objectives, such as minimizing transportation costs or processing costs. Existing models use various optimization approaches to solve SWM issues. Many restrictions must be considered, such as social, technical, financial, logistical, health, or environmental constraints. Through this research, we try to understand how these models fit within current global waste trade, especially for countries that import foreign waste. This thesis explores the impact of external factors that have led to the current waste management problem through the examples of New Delhi, India, Izmir, Turkey and Chicago, USA.

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