Joon Mo Park

Date of Award


First Advisor

Michael Bergman

Second Advisor

Jackson Liscombe


Contrary to the popularly held notion that the baseball strike zone is rectangular and is fixed, the strike zone is actually constantly changing as the batter is making movements to hit the baseball and has a shape of a pentagonal prism. The proposed delineator calculates the position of the strike zone using input images obtained from the two set-up cameras and using digital image processing techniques. The delineator aims to aid the umpires in the process of determining whether a pitch is a strike or a ball by providing them an environment where they can compare their calls with those calculated from the algorithm. It should be noticed that the main purpose of the proposed delineator is the training of the umpires. Therefore, the batter wears red LEDs, that are used to track the batter’s shoulders, top of the uniform pants, and the kneecap with the help of digital image processing techniques.


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