Date of Award


First Advisor

Amanda Landi

Second Advisor

Christopher Coggins

Third Advisor

Thomas Coote


The climate crisis is a pressing, all-encompassing crisis of the present that demands reform in science education content. At present, individuals and students around the world lack the knowledge to comprehensively understand processes of the Earth system and therefore, how the climate crisis functions. This thesis, in part, is an effective, holistic, and interdisciplinary climate crisis curriculum for high school students. It is a one semester curriculum with a 14 week plan containing complete lesson plans, content, supplementary figures and sources, homework, and other assignments. This curriculum is a useful resource to educate on both the scientific and sociopolitical issues of the climate crisis. Recognizing education reform as a crucial adaptation to the climate crisis, this curriculum is a tool to adapt to the climate crisis and strive for climate resilience.

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