Date of Award


First Advisor

Donald McClelland

Second Advisor

Maryann Tebben


This project sought to provide accessible scientific information about fermented foods, and to kindle an interest in the subject. Kimchi, jun, and sourdough bread were made from scratch after extensive research about the traditional production of these foods and the biochemistry necessary to produce the fermented product. The goal of these experiments was to create a relatively approachable set of procedures that would make this topic more interesting and accessible to all types of reader, and that they could recreate if desired. The text is accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations as visual aids and accoutrement. Additionally, the success of these recipes was assessed with differential testing of microbes isolated from the ferments. These tests indicated that, while the foods created were not perfect, they managed to capture the correct microbes. These results align with the goal of this project: to make biochemistry and fermentation accessible to people not previously familiar with the subjects.

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