Date of Award


First Advisor

Ben Krupka

Second Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer


This project investigates the relationship between vulnerability and conquering fears through the lenses of studio arts and psychology. The studio arts component of the project focuses on a collection of my ceramic sculptures that were shown in the exhibit, “Obscenely Self-Indulgent”, which opened on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. The pieces shown in this exhibition consisted of five large-scale ceramic sculptures that also include wire and wax elements. The aesthetics of the sculptures are based on traditional Japanese visual techniques in combination with Jewish ideals of the broken as beautiful. For the psychology component of thesis, I conducted an informal survey of self-identified queer, femme, and college-aged individuals. My personal responses to the survey are included as an autoethnographic perspective on these issues, in addition to being the basis for much of the language scrawled on the surface of the sculptures. My aspirations in this project are that the art, the survey, and my own reflections all combine in this project to show the importance of building community and exercising complex hope.

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