Caitlin Rust

Date of Award


First Advisor

Jackson Liscombe

Second Advisor

John Myers


This thesi s covers the process of designing, researching, and coding a prototype of a video game called Glass Legion. This process includes the start of the project as a whole, both as an idea and as a thesis; the guiding principles of its design, including interest curves, tutorial less design, and elements of horror such as the uncanny valley; the methods and software I used to create the project such as the Unity game engine and C# coding language; and design elements which did not make it into the final project, such as additional enemy types and narrative elements. Through the process of creating this thesis both the project and the paper I explore my personal process of game design and demonstrate how it involves many different skills and areas of study, fro m computer science to sociology to visual design.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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