Julia Mendez

Date of Award


First Advisor

Wesley Brown

Second Advisor

Aimee Michel


This project is an exploration of fractal theatermaking. A fractal is a mathematically conceived curve such that any small part of it, enlarged, has the same statistical character as the original. This project consists of three one-act plays that can come together to create one three-act play. It is a fractal because every one of the four plays contain the same energy and are parts of the same story. Included in the written component of the thesis are the three scripts, a documentation of the rehearsal process and a reflection of what it means for someone to be both playwright and director. The story was born from a prompt assigned in a creative writing class “character A is in a room, character B walks in”. If nothing else, let this thesis be a representation of what revision and willingness to let the work guide its creator can do. The script that was performed was Part Two: Soup. It was performed as a Staged Reading in the living room of Blodgett House, on campus. I directed this reading and worked with non-theater students as my actors. I chose to do this because I want to challenge the idea that theater is only for those who specialize in it. I believe anywhere can be a theater and anyone can be an actor. Theater is about feeling and everyone who wishes to should feel welcome. Within the written component of the thesis, I will explore how I taught non-theater students to connect with their characters, how my director self told my playwright self to stop thinking everything is precious and what this project means to me.

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