Date of Award


First Advisor

Chris Domenick


Part exhibition, part performance, and part text, Sports Medicine is an alchemical intercourse defined by post-meaningful gestures in sculpture, dance, text, performance, tennis and the thermodynamic yield. The mobile is a three dimensional flow chart of the puzzle game, Little Alchemy, made of wire, thread, and post-its. All of the resulting terms are the x and y axis for the single generation spreadsheet tiled on the wall. Tiles of covered tennis balls are the product of the byproduct of six months of intensive tennis training. Additional tiles were cut from a sheet of clay that was hit by a tennis ball machine. Tennis balls were also chucked at sheets of clay, also to be tiled. Movement was researched on a sheet of reclaimed clay and documented through photographs. There are other photographs taken while moving with a camera and of movement on swimming pool stairs. The performance consisted of an improvisational scape: partially interview and partially a recital of portions of the text accompanied by movement. Bookmarked by movement research on the stairs, language was interspersed with movement studies including an example of the camera practice and an audience-produced paper project. !

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