Date of Award


First Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer

Second Advisor

Daniel Karp


This thesis aims to explore the history and practices of eco-art therapy from the framework and lens of positive psychology. Analyzing the conceptual foundations of these theories and practices--of positive psychology, art therapy, and eco-therapy--this analysis and applied project allows for the exploration of what are traditionally clinical approaches and methods into applications outside of clinical settings. To review the development of the various theories gives insight to the advantages of these approaches, and further permits comparison with additional treatment options. Beyond the examination and discussion of these as approaches to treatment, an analysis of current applications will reveal the opportunities for coherence and complementary across among these frameworks. Not only should these analyses determine such qualities as the theory’s reliability and validity, but will also reveal a degree of compatibility, practicality, and accessibility. Concluding this report--but central to the exploration itself--was a personal exploration into the use of photo-eco-therapy, as well as a brief consideration of how such an approach might be used in an educational setting and for developmental growth.

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