Date of Award


First Advisor

Dan Nielson

Second Advisor

Francisca Oyogoa

Third Advisor

Michael Bergman


This thesis aims to identify and describe in full detail the effects of infrastructural and economic disparities within the tristate area on marginalized people. As this is a transdisciplinary study, sociological, economic and scientific factors will come into play. The first chapter will describe various social issues affecting people and how these issues (in)directly affect their living conditions by drawing connections to the government and its purpose. The second chapter will focus on the economic disparities with labor within the tristate area and how these differences within the same physical space support its sociology. The third chapter will draw a more intense focus on the engineering ideas that are the driving forces behind the design of cities, and how these designs contribute to the system of marginalization and oppression. May the reader find this thesis very informative and take away ideas that may enlighten their understanding of systemic oppression and, by extension, use these ideas to make sense of the nation at large.

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