Date of Award


First Advisor

Wesley Brown

Second Advisor

Katie Boswell


The primary project of this thesis was to consider personhood as a something that grows in the space between body and mind. But this was also a reflection on myself as I attempt to navigate writing about identity from a place of pure subjectivity and experience. In Part 1, I reflect on my own experiences and where I am coming from as I approach this project. Part 2 is formatted as a conversation, where the words I hear and read are not altered but placed within the context of each other and my understandings. Part 3 is an analysis on the forces in play within Part 2. In the writing, I draw a lot of inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges and Ariel Gore who in my mind blend the lines typically constructed between dreams and reality. When considering ghosts and other aspects of the immeasurable world, it would only cause fiction within the work itself to maintain the boundaries dictated by the traditional essay. In this thesis I attempt to transpose the conversation into the written page as a way of bringing to that page a sense of that which I am writing about. In the space between people, we were able to create something that holds within it a part of everyone who contributed. I hope that it is believed and that it will continue to grow.

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