Elle Stanion

Date of Award


First Advisor

Daniel Karp

Second Advisor

Larry Wallach

Third Advisor

Brendan Mathews


The Screenplay, and future film, “Turning Pebbles to Clay” is a narrative that traverses the emotional terrain of life after trauma. The story follows two women (Janie, age 37, and Brooke, age 24) as they gain the courage to seek out their true place in the world – instead of the place they carved out for themselves in the wake of calamity. The film analyzes how they came to pull themselves up, and how memory interacts with the healing process. A close analysis of the screenplay is included. It discusses the conception of the theme, the inspiration behind the thematic structures, the dimensional history of this final draft, and essential recognition of previsualization elements that will go into the production of the film in the future.

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