Date of Award


First Advisor

Larry Wallach

Second Advisor

Kati Garcia-Renart


This thesis includes a performance and a written portion. I wrote a musical on the longdistance relationships of a couple and of a pair of siblings. I also directed, produced, and acted in the musical, which was performed on February 23, 2018 and February 24, 2018. The musical has four characters, and the music includes accompaniments for piano, guitar, and violin. It has six scenes and ten full-length songs, and runs approximately forty minutes. The written portion of the thesis includes five sections. The first section covers the process of writing the music and the script, and the process of producing the musical, which is comprised of the rehearsal process, production design, and the performance. The following sections include a discussion of the audience’s response, a musical analysis, and an exploration of the phenomenon of long-distance relationships. The final section, which is a self-evaluation, examines the overall experience of writing and producing the musical, as well as its future development. The script and the scores are included in the appendices.

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