Date of Award


First Advisor

Patty Dooley

Second Advisor

Aimee Michel


This senior thesis will explore the acting techniques teachers employ to successfully teach and inspire their students, and how these theatrical techniques can inform the teaching of scientific disciplines. The thesis is based within literary research of acting and pedagogical techniques, interviews with educators, and experiential observations within classroom settings. Alongside this research is an account of my work on a theatrical performance entitled “Metathesis: A Theatrical Lesson in Chemistry.” This lesson was an application of my research into a theatrical performance as well as a cumulative exploration of my own teaching style. I had the opportunity to experience being a teacher on multiple occasions; my preliminary performances were produced in front of an audience of Simon’s Rock community members, and my final performance was produced for the prospective students and families on Bard Academy Admitted Students Day. A digital recording of my first and second performance is included alongside the written component of my senior thesis. In this thesis, I have outlined the necessary qualities required to be a successful science teacher by utilizing acting as a tool to teach.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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