Claire Wegh

Date of Award


First Advisor

Dien Vo

Second Advisor

Christopher Coggins


This is my diary. I use it to show you a coming of age story: experiential, critical, non-binary. I speak of my body as self, theories of somatic body-mind centering, juxtaposed with the works of Walter Benjamin, and the narrative confessional model presented by Ariel Gore in We Were Witches. This thesis is, in its pages, an experience, that of my life, and an offering to you, to have your own while reading. It is partnered with a parody reality tv episode, written, directed, produced, and edited by myself, and the appendix of this work contains two additional scripts I have written. It is formally a montage, a collection of work which highlights the importance of reading the spaces in between. Interwoven are themes of adolescence, life and death, process, experience, body, diary, and aspects of ritual.

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