Hayden Gutt

Date of Award


First Advisor

Erin McMullin

Second Advisor

David Myers

Third Advisor

Patricia Dooley


The purpose of this thesis is to provide substantive content pertaining to Hypercholesterolemia and its maintenance. In it, I analyze a number of new and relevant Antihypercholesterolemia therapies and open a discussion around an unsuccessful synthesis attempt. The rest of the thesis is dedicated to disambiguating cholesterol, Hypercholesterolemia, and the treatment options for Hypercholesterolemia and related disorders, and also explaining the history of each topic as well as the relevant mechanisms thereof. The thesis is specifically geared towards accommodating patients for whom the most common type of therapy is insufficient, due to either intolerance as evidenced by an adverse event or by insufficiency of maximally tolerated doses of said therapy to reach desired endpoints. Beyond the discussion of background, a guide on coprescription of anti-Hypercholesterolemia therapies with each other as well as limited information about combination with other relevant medications is also included.

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