Boqiao Lai

Date of Award


First Advisor

Michael Bergman

Second Advisor

Harold Hastings


Asynchronous programming functionality has raised as an important feature for many mainstream programming languages as the result of fast growing need for web back-end development and nonblocking I/O API applications. For example Java, Python, and C++ offers asynchronous mechanisms as part of their APIs[1,2,3,4]. While these APIs are powerful they are often offered as advanced features that requires mastery of the host language. Mastering any of the above mentioned language can appear to be challenging for beginners. There are also programming languages and frameworks that specifically focus on the Asynchronous programming paradigm such as Javascript, golang, Erlang, and Node.js[5,6,7,8]. Pipeline is a simple/easy-to-learn language that encompasses the asynchronous programming features from the above mentioned languages and frameworks with the event-driven architecture and a speedy I/O API. Pipeline is suitable for implementing simple web backends and beginners trying to learn and understand the basics of asynchronous programming paradigm.

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