Date of Award


First Advisor

Christopher Coggins

Second Advisor

Asma Abbas

Third Advisor

Daivd Baum


My thesis delves into Iranian domestic and international history, and by including events previously dismissed by historians and thinkers, sets out to show an alternative interpretation. This interpretation argues that traditional narratives, as well as historical reconstructions developed within single disciplines are missing essential events that when included transform our understanding of the history of modern Iran. These dismissed events include the importance of an imperialist strategy specific to Persia, the Golden Square Rebellion, the ideological movements which sprang up during the 1960s, and different elements of the 1979 revolution that challenge the idea that it was “Islamic” in nature. The thesis is set between the late 19th century and present-day Iran, and ends with a discussion of the ramifications of Iran’s recent political activities and the likely goals and actions to be taken by the Iranian state in the foreseeable future. By including these previously dismissed events, the resulting narrative is distinct from the economic, geopolitical, and other analyses that attempt to record and explain the development of modern Iran.

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