Bryce Parker

Date of Award


First Advisor

Laurence Burke


Digital technology has allowed for novel forms of cinematic expression, the full potential of which has not yet been unlocked within mainstream filmmaking. My film, Belousov-Zhabotinsky, takes inspiration from this new digital age as well as from European spiritual filmmakers such as Robert Bresson and Andrei Tarkovsky. This thesis looks back at some of the inspiration for my film as well as forward to the future of filmmaking as a whole. Today, the landscape of filmmaking is changing: media consumption habits are moving away from traditional forms, Hollywood is becoming ever more reliant on massive blockbuster hits, the production standards of television and web shows have been steadily rising, and the tools for making films are becoming more and more available to the average person. All of these changes have left film with an uncertain path into the future. As someone who will be entering the film industry, these are ideas that I wish to consider.