Ihor Shuhan

Date of Award


First Advisor

Karen Beaumont

Second Advisor

Aimee Michel


Having focused my studies on acting technique and participated in many aspects of the medium of theatre I believe that I finally have a fundamental understanding of what it is to be an actor. It will take me a lifetime of practice to truly master acting but through my training here at Simon's Rock and a semester abroad at the London Dramatic Academy, I have been shown new paths along which I can continue this journey. In this thesis I explore my artistic expression in the world of film acting. I have always been very interested in this art. This thesis takes a look at both the technicalities in successfully playing to the camera, as well as my own personal thoughts and musings as an actor and an artist. It is a very personal and throughout I offer many more questions than answers as that, I have learned, is the way to mastery.

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