Stephen Hager

Date of Award


First Advisor

John Myers

Second Advisor

Anjali Sundaram

Third Advisor

Larry Burke


I have written lyrics and music for a fifteen-song original album titled New Road, and have performed, recorded, and mixed the vocals, two guitars, and bass guitar tracks for it, while enlisting my friend and colleague Shane Laundry to perform and record the drum kit tracks for the album. I have also designed and have had fabricated a double-LP vinyl record album set containing the full sixty minutes of music, along with a full-color, gatefold cover and record center labels, to submit as a physical and graphical manifestation of the album for listening and viewing and for archival purposes. The entire record cover text, as well as the album labels, are printed in Earth font, which I also designed for this project. Lastly, I have created a site-specific, sixty-minute, four-film installation which accompanied the debut of the album in the Alumni Performance Center, including images which have also been utilized throughout the artwork for the album.