Seth Roseman

Date of Award


First Advisor

Karen Beaumont

Second Advisor

James Warwick


The job of a director and how they direct is, to many, a mystery. I begin the thesis by introducing these questions and explaining my rational for asking them as well as my hopes for the thesis as a whole. The first section of the thesis examines the question “what is a director” using a combination of my own experiences and observations as well as research from a plethora of theatre books. First, I explore the roles of some of the director’s closest collaborators as well as theatre itself. The second section of the thesis explores the question “how does one direct” by recounting and critiquing my experience directing Callie Kimball’s May 39th. I begin by describing the process and follow by evaluating what I did and what I plan to do differently next time. Lastly, I examine the nature of the thesis and reflect on my writing and directing process.

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