Sonam Wangmo

Date of Award


First Advisor

Monshin Paul Naamon

Second Advisor

Jennifer Browdy

Third Advisor

Chris Coggins


In chapter one, I talk about Buddhism in Bhutan not only as a religion but also a part of the culture, Buddhism has had a huge impact on the lives of people because it is a Buddhist state. In chapter two, Youth of Bhutan, this chapter is the longest compared to other chapters because there are many issues that the current generation is dealing, and I have given some insight to help in overcoming these issues. In Chapter three, Women in Bhutan, the roles of the women are changing in Bhutanese society, and women are becoming active in politics and other things. Finally, a provide a Conclusions chapter which synthesizes the chapters aforementioned. My thesis is an exploratory thesis, thus I did not test a hypothesis. I have included my narratives with research, as well as some interviews I conducted when I returned home during the winter intersession 2015-16.

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