Naida West

Date of Award


First Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Second Advisor

John Musall

Third Advisor

Anne O'Dwyer


“No Such Thing as a One-Man Show – A Theater Exploration of Solitary Ordeals” is a thesis in which, through psychological research, creative writing, and theater, Naida West has created the theater piece “Nowhere Land,” a play about solitary confinement. The thesis explores the culmination of an idea, the researching and writing process, and the staging of the show. The creation of the script heavily utilizes the lists of basic human needs that must be met for survival proposed by Richard D. Logan in his book Alone: A Fascinating Study of Those Who Have Survived Long, Solitary Ordeals as well as the particularly strong influence of Henri Charriere’s Papillon. The aim of the piece is to create, in the audience, not only awareness of, but sympathy towards the plight of, those placed in solitary confinement in the present day.

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