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First Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Second Advisor

Wesley Brown

Third Advisor

Jamie Hutchinson


This is not a linear collection of short stories, but a labyrinth. Immured in these pages are compassion, deceit, sacrifice, the quest for truth, and the realization that there may be none – at least not in the form one may expect. Many of the locales in these stories are Gothic: cemeteries, forests, and imprisoning mansions. There are gallant heroes and blood-shedding villains, though most characters fall somewhere in between. Many characters have important stories to tell, and they wait for the right moments to confess their truths.

I am no master of suspense, or subtlety – or wisdom – but I am happy to share with you the imaginary experiences I have had these past several months in the hopes they may inspire you to live with a little more risk, and a little less fear.

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